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We have sold hundreds of pairs of video glasses and eyewear products to many satisfied customers worldwide and have exhibited at local and international trade shows. During these times, we had received valuable customer comments and constructive feedback which we have utilised to improve our current and future products and level of after sales support.

Customer feedback and comments

Below is just a small portition of some of the comments and feedback we have had about our products and after sales support.

“This is an amazing ! Its completely immersive … I feel like I’m at the movies” – Joshua.B at Sexpo 2007 (Sydney, Australia)

“More comfortable then all the others I’ve tried” – Daniel.V at CES’08 (Las Vegas, USA)

“These are just what I was looking for. I played around with them yesterday. Set up the camera and it works just like I need. My daughter is going to be a little embarrassed that her dad looks like a cyborg in the gym but at least I won’t be taping her games looking through that little 2″ viewer on the camera any more.” – F.Kenisky via e-mail (USA)

“Thanks, Michelle for your courteous and prompt service.”
 – C.Robinson via e-mail (USA)

“The Argo’s dolby sound is amazing….” – Fernando at CES’08 (Las Vegas, USA)

“I have the highest praise for their staff for their support and efforts throughout the initial ordeal when the Qingbar GP300 went missing in transit. A lot of time and effort was expended on their part to try and track down the parcel, and the staff were always courteous and a pleasure to deal with despite the stress of losing their only test unit at the time.” – Kevin Cheng via e-mail (Melbourne, Australia)

“It’s like a total immersion chamber…. definitely pretty good for playing video games” – Venice the Menice via youTube at Ces’08

“I think these are so cool….I used these once at the Dentist…I didn’t want to hear the drill… it feels like your in a theatre” – Fox45 News 

“the YelloMosquito set were definitely the more comfortable….” – Shiny Shiny TV at CES 2008

If you have recently purchased or used a pair of our video glasses or eyewear, we would love to hear about your experience. 

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