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YelloMosquito is one of the world’s leading distributor, online reseller, educator & integrator of award-winning 2D/3D video glasses, goggles and eyewear products and accessories.

YelloMosquito is a division of 22Moo International Pty Ltd – a funky, fun and innovative world-recognised distributor based in Sydney Australia.

Below we explain how these amazing products work along with a brief list of what is compatible.

How Does It Work ?

Full-screen images are compressed into tiny microdisplays and then those images are then enlarged using optical elements that enable the eyes to perceive a much larger image – typically bigger than the equivalent of a 35-inch TV.

With our current range we have products that can project images equivalent to a 48-inch TV.


All our range of video glasses and eyewear (except for the Qingbar GP300) is compatible with devices that supports a TV/AV composite output.

These devices include game consoles such as the Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, portable devices such as the iPod 5th Gen, iPod Nano 3rd Gen, iPod Classic, iPod touch and the iPhone, DVD players, digital still and video cameras, VCR’s, satelite and set top boxes, intraoral and spy cameras, 3G mobile cell phones with TV-output and much more.

With the Argo 3D and Argo Cinema 2 you can even connect the video glasses to a laptop or desktop via a D-Sub VGA connection.

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