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9 Jun

When Will OITNB Season 5 Be On Netflix?

The fourth season of ‘ Orange is the new black ‘ ended at a moment of maximum tension. After the death of Poussey, one of the most beloved characters, at the hands of a prison guard, Litchfield’s inmates exploded into a revolt.

The whole prison will be full of books when we see it again, placed by the dams in honor of the deceased, the character of Samira Wiley who worked in the library. The mutiny will not be easy to calm down, and everything that happens in it will be told in detail. So much so that the thirteen episodes of the fifth season will determine what occurred in only three days.
Thus, we will see how the dynamics between the characters inside the prison arise, but also the political implications that this rebellion has inside and outside the prison. It will be a narrative almost heiress of the series ’24’, although applied to a series with an entirely different tone, close to the melodrama.

OITNB Season 5 Netflix

There will be no lack of new brushstrokes of the relationship between Piper and Alex, although it is no longer just about them. And is that if ‘ Orange is the new black ‘ has made a good decision to grow has been to diversify its universe for other characters. Piper was the vehicle for the average white viewer to enter a world of characters from different races, creeds, and socio-cultural levels.

That is, it seems, the same strategy that its creator, Jenji Kohan (‘Weeds’) will use, to introduce us to the ‘ GLOW ‘ wrestling fighters. The new Netflix proposal (opens June 23) will introduce us through the eyes of Alison Brie (‘Mad Men’) into another female story reigned by the diversity that, hopefully, lives up to its predecessor.
But before that ‘ Orange is the new black ‘ returns this week with his fifth season (in Spain in Movistar Series) to answer the question we all ask: will Daya tighten the trigger against Humphrey ?.

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