Apps Like iTube : iTube Alternatives

itube alternatives

So many people love watching videos on YouTube either for entertainment, knowledge or the latest news. But this also true that many times people face problems while looking at a video like their internet pack gets over and the video stops, after that, they got no option but to close the app. iTube apk download can be availed easily as well.

Due to advanced technologies, the Tech world has started to change the face of ideas and the new application was introduced by the name of iTube. What is it? Imagine yourself sitting with a good internet connectivity, but after a while, you have to go somewhere where the connections are not that strong, or you have to take a flight or whatever the reason. It seems like imagination, but now you can easily do it with the help of iTube iOS and Android app.

itube alternatives

Apps just like iTube

Now. The question is that how you can do it? Well, iTube is launched with the purpose that YouTube users can save their favorite videos in their playlist and then it will directly get listed in the iTube app. So, while you’ll be away from your internet connection, you can simply go to iTube and watch it. This will both save your time and data pack.

So, next time whenever you have to catch up a flight, or you are a regular office going person, instead of worrying about the internet pack just save your videos and they’ll accompany you offline wherever you go.

Similar apps for Android

  • Adownloader: This is a downloader on Android which is based on bit torrents. It also consists of the HTTP downloader which has pause and resume
  • Dentex Downloader: This is one of the favorite apps for YouTube. Its latest version is 4.6.8.
  • Download Everything Pro: It is the downloading app which allows you to download MediaFire indexed files. It’s one of the best features is that you can download six files at a time instead of just one.
  • IDM: With this app, you can pause the video anytime you want with higher downloading speed.
  • Turbo Downloader: This app has got a cool feature that you can just copy the URL and paste, and then the file will get downloaded.
  • Download All Files: When you try to download the files from the internet, sometimes it says that the content is not supported while downloading MP3, APK, DOC This app helps you download all the files.

Similar apps for iOS

  • Pocket Tube: It os a free YouTube player that is specially made for music freaks. You can easily manage the playlist, artist and the album.
  • Net Tube: You can easily manage your playlist and local lists with the help of this app.
  • McTube: The app consists of the web browser which contributes to download the images. It also comes with the Dropbox.
  • Free Video Downloader Plus: The app allows you to download the files from iOS supporting devices and you can view them later.
  • MyVid Video Downloader: This is the application that is famous worldwide that helps you to download and manage the files on your devices. It also has the locking feature with password facility.

So, these were the best applications for iOS and Android.