When Will OITNB Season 5 Be On Netflix?

9 Jun

When Will OITNB Season 5 Be On Netflix?

The fourth season of ‘ Orange is the new black ‘ ended at a moment of maximum tension. After the death of Poussey, one of the most beloved characters, at the hands of a prison guard, Litchfield’s inmates exploded into a revolt.

The whole prison will be full of books when we see it again, placed by the dams in honor of the deceased, the character of Samira Wiley who worked in the library. The mutiny will not be easy to calm down, and everything that happens in it will be told in detail. So much so that the thirteen episodes of the fifth season will determine what occurred in only three days.
Thus, we will see how the dynamics between the characters inside the prison arise, but also the political implications that this rebellion has inside and outside the prison. It will be a narrative almost heiress of the series ’24’, although applied to a series with an entirely different tone, close to the melodrama.

OITNB Season 5 Netflix

There will be no lack of new brushstrokes of the relationship between Piper and Alex, although it is no longer just about them. And is that if ‘ Orange is the new black ‘ has made a good decision to grow has been to diversify its universe for other characters. Piper was the vehicle for the average white viewer to enter a world of characters from different races, creeds, and socio-cultural levels.

That is, it seems, the same strategy that its creator, Jenji Kohan (‘Weeds’) will use, to introduce us to the ‘ GLOW ‘ wrestling fighters. The new Netflix proposal (opens June 23) will introduce us through the eyes of Alison Brie (‘Mad Men’) into another female story reigned by the diversity that, hopefully, lives up to its predecessor.
But before that ‘ Orange is the new black ‘ returns this week with his fifth season (in Spain in Movistar Series) to answer the question we all ask: will Daya tighten the trigger against Humphrey ?.

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download youtube music
28 May

How To Download Music From YouTube?

Download music from YouTube is one of the issues that sometimes bring us more head. When the last single from our favorite singer or group comes out right away, we want to go down to the computer to listen to it, pass it to our mp3 or put it on the mobile. Whatever the reason, downloading music from this platform and social network is very simple and fun. Enjoy your favorite tracks with this app to download music from Youtube! Before moving ahead I’d like to make a confession, that my personal favorite app to download music from YouTube is, Peggo iOS app.

Attention: we are not responsible for the violation of rights and laws on intellectual property in your country.

download youtube music


You do not always need an app to download music (Youtube and more)

Whether it’s because you’re fed up with downloading apps that do nothing more than take up space, or because you do not feel like installing more download apps, we bring you one of the best solutions to download free mp3 music from the popular Youtube platform: SaveFrom.

For this, we just have to access his website www.savefrom.net and paste the Youtube link that interests us. Then we give the blue arrow on the right and choose the format in which we want to download.

This website is one of the most complete and allows you to have quality music from Youtube and many other platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Soundcloud or VK, among many others. In the same web, you can download the Youtube extension to access directly from the popular social platform.

Take the time to have the hits of the moment on your mobile or computer!

Savefrom, a simple way to download mp3 music
Extra content: apps to download free music on iPhone


Another music downloader you will not find on Google Play

Downloading music for free is not something that makes the big companies excited, and so the application markets do not have many – and those that do not work and disappear at once. Luckily, there are online platforms that allow us to download whatever we want, such as Snaptube, a music download app designed especially for Youtube.

Snaptube is an application that can be downloaded from http://www.snaptubeapp.com/ and is very fast and small (it hardly takes up space). Obviously, it is safe to use as well as simple and very intuitive. Not only can you download songs and themes from Youtube, but it allows you to download files from Instagram and Facebook. What are you waiting for?

Download audio from youtube
Do not know our app to download videos from Youtube ?


The apk without virus and without traps to download music free mp3

The success of Tubemate as an apk for downloading music from Youtube has been such that you have left many imitators full of viruses and Trojans that call into question the security of our devices.

Therefore, it is important that you access from http://tubemate.net/, its official website where you will find the mirrors without virus to download your apk and install it safely. The application works perfectly and fulfills the function of downloading songs, but it is not as pretty or has a design as well taken care of like the rest, something that maybe pulls back to more of a demanding.

Within the same app, we can program and create playlists without having to go out or download other apps to play videos.


An optimized web tool for your Smartphone

One of the main concerns when downloading mp3 from Youtube is to know if we are doing it safely. Well, if you want to be sure of it we present you convert2mp3, one of the best known online sites to convert videos from youtube to mp3. You can also download songs from other services similar to YT, such as Daily Motion or Clipfish, among others.

If you want to enjoy this service, you should access http://convert2mp3.net/ and copy the URL of your favorite song. One of the strengths of this tool is the ability to search directly what you want without the need to previously go to YouTube. This way, you will get your audio without having to complicate your life.

And unlike other websites, the platform is fully optimized for Smartphone. If you want all the music at your fingertips, this is your choice!
Enjoy your favorite music now on all your devices. Thanks to these webs, apps, and platforms you can download what you want from Youtube at any time. And now tell us: how do you download music from Youtube? Have you used any of these before? We will wait for you!

install kodi on roku
3 May

How To Install KODI On Roku?

Tech enthusiasts must have heard about Kodi and Roku and how these two have revolutionized the streaming media and entertainment industry. For those of you who are hearing about these fancy names for the first time, let me give you a heads up. Here we are with the simple explanation to install KODI on Roku.

Kodi is a free and open source software which is extremely flexible and runs on various platforms – Linux, Operating System X, Windows, iOS as well as Android. With the help of Kodi, you can play streaming media like videos, music, podcasts as well as digital media files from the local network and the internet. Another remarkable advantage of Kodi is that it lets you install various third party plug-ins that give you access to freely available content available on the internet. Thus, Kodi is easy to download and offers an affordable way of viewing streaming media in the comfort of your home.

install kodi on roku

On the other hand, Roku is a streaming device that can convert your rudimentary television into a high definition smart TV and you can easily view your favorite over-the-top content in the form of channels. Roku even enables you to watch movies, TV series and other videos from popular services such as Amazon Video, Google Play Movies and TV, HBO, Netflix, Pandora Radio, PlayStation Vue, WWE network and YouTube. With the latest Roku 4, you can even stream 4K content onto your TV.  You must be wondering – What would happen if you could combine the benefits of Kodi and Roku? These two get along like a house on fire and open up a plethora of options for viewing high quality streaming videos.

The process of installing Kodi on Roku is a bit tedious, but we have broken it down into simple and coherent steps to make it convenient for you. First of all, you require a “mirror device” to install the kodi software on your Rodu device. A mirror device allows you to “mirror” videos from your phone or tablet onto your TV. Once Kodi content is installed on your Roku, press the home button of your Roku device. Click the setting option and select system update mode to make sure that your Roku device is running on software which is built in 5.2 to run Kodi. Now, go back to the setting option again and click on “Screen Mirroring”. Once the Screen Mirroring option is enabled, you can run Kodi on Roku!

Installing Kodi on Roku via a windows system is even simpler. Click on the Windows button from the start menu option and look for the device settings option. Next, go for the Add device option and select your Roku device. Once you get the purple screen on the Roku device, click on the screen to run Kodi on Roku 2/3/4. Just make sure you have a blazing fast internet connection that can provide an uninterrupted and lag-free viewing experience.

There are numerous benefits of using Kodi software on the Roku device for streaming media and watching your favorite movies, the latest blockbusters, the most popular television series, trending songs, your preferred sports, anything and everything that you feel like watching at a given point of time. So, the next time you feel like binge watching your favorite television series, make full use of Kodi on Roku!

newest movies hd
29 Mar

Newest Movies HD: Latest Movies App for Android

Technology has taken the world by storm and it is very easy to get any information or details with the help of the internet. The most common source of entertainment is movies. Again, the technology has evolved the movie viewing experience in the HD form. This is a cleaner view and takes the movie viewing to another level. This can be downloaded into your smartphone and viewed whenever possible. You can download newest movies HD on your Android phone with the help of the many apps available on the Android market. Since the Android market is an open platform, everyone can develop an app and roll it onto the market. So, it is common to find new apps for almost everything on the Android market every now and then.

newest movies hd


Newest movies HD App

The newest movies HD App is now available on the Android market. It can be downloaded easily on your device. It is a simple app which is user-friendly and can be a great source of entertainment. You can view the movies and TV Shows in HD and enjoy the great new experience. Just ensure that you get the right app from the Play Store so that you can enjoy all the features. Since Android is available on smartphones and Chrome cast it can be enjoyed in both the places. All the official HD movies and TV shows can be viewed without any hassle. Streaming videos online were never so easy and fun filled. The app is a great way to be entertained and watch all the favorite episodes and movies in HD format without worrying about the quality at all.

Category Selection

You can select from the categories such as New Updates, Movies, Cartoon series, TV Shows and much more. The app can keep your favorite history intact so that the next time you visit the app you do not start from scratch. The watch list for the future viewing can be saved on the app so that all the movies that you like or wish to see in the future can be clubbed at one place. It will save a lot of time searching for the movie you wish to watch.

Request for your favorite movie

The app is always on the developing stage and they have a Request movie section where you can place your requests if the movie or TV show is not available in the list provided by them. This way the viewers can be glued to the app and make it popular among the movie buffs.

Download and watch

It is not necessary for you to watch all the movies online. There are chances when you do not have access to the internet and may get bored. At such instances, you cannot watch the movies HD even if you wish to. Keeping this in mind the app developers have given an option of downloading your favorite movies on your phone or device. This will help you to view your movies even without the internet.

Every movie has an info page which will provide all the details available to the user so that they can have a gist of the movie or series they wish to watch. You can also personalize your settings as per your requirements to make the experience much better. The quality of the movie and series can be changed to 480p or 720p depending on your preferences and the same can be used to download and get the quality as desired.

A great movie experience is only when you view it in HD and not in the normal view and this Newest Movies HD app can provide it to you.

itube alternatives
15 Mar

Apps Like iTube : iTube Alternatives

So many people love watching videos on YouTube either for entertainment, knowledge or the latest news. But this also true that many times people face problems while looking at a video like their internet pack gets over and the video stops, after that, they got no option but to close the app. iTube apk download can be availed easily as well.

Due to advanced technologies, the Tech world has started to change the face of ideas and the new application was introduced by the name of iTube. What is it? Imagine yourself sitting with a good internet connectivity, but after a while, you have to go somewhere where the connections are not that strong, or you have to take a flight or whatever the reason. It seems like imagination, but now you can easily do it with the help of iTube iOS and Android app.

itube alternatives


Apps just like iTube

Now. The question is that how you can do it? Well, iTube is launched with the purpose that YouTube users can save their favorite videos in their playlist and then it will directly get listed in the iTube app. So, while you’ll be away from your internet connection, you can simply go to iTube and watch it. This will both save your time and data pack.

So, next time whenever you have to catch up a flight, or you are a regular office going person, instead of worrying about the internet pack just save your videos and they’ll accompany you offline wherever you go.

Similar apps for Android

  • Adownloader: This is a downloader on Android which is based on bit torrents. It also consists of the HTTP downloader which has pause and resume
  • Dentex Downloader: This is one of the favorite apps for YouTube. Its latest version is 4.6.8.
  • Download Everything Pro: It is the downloading app which allows you to download MediaFire indexed files. It’s one of the best features is that you can download six files at a time instead of just one.
  • IDM: With this app, you can pause the video anytime you want with higher downloading speed.
  • Turbo Downloader: This app has got a cool feature that you can just copy the URL and paste, and then the file will get downloaded.
  • Download All Files: When you try to download the files from the internet, sometimes it says that the content is not supported while downloading MP3, APK, DOC This app helps you download all the files.

Similar apps for iOS

  • Pocket Tube: It os a free YouTube player that is specially made for music freaks. You can easily manage the playlist, artist and the album.
  • Net Tube: You can easily manage your playlist and local lists with the help of this app.
  • McTube: The app consists of the web browser which contributes to download the images. It also comes with the Dropbox.
  • Free Video Downloader Plus: The app allows you to download the files from iOS supporting devices and you can view them later.
  • MyVid Video Downloader: This is the application that is famous worldwide that helps you to download and manage the files on your devices. It also has the locking feature with password facility.

So, these were the best applications for iOS and Android.